Derik A. Badman

Academic Buffy Bibliography


(1) With the recent slew of articles and books (not to mention online sources) coming out with academic/critical views of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- and to a lesser extent its spin-off Angel -- I thought it would be helpful to create a bibliography, enabling interested parties to quickly find sources rather than going out searching for them.


(2) I was not able to limit the scope of this project with any clear cut boundaries. Some articles obviously belong and some are more marginal. Inclusion is based on my subjective opinion of what constitute an academically or critically minded discussion of the series. Most of the pieces represented are taken from the two books published exclusively on the show (Reading the Vampire Slayer, Fighting the Forces, Red Noise, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy) and the online journal Slayage. The rest of the (print) articles were found by searching various databases related to (mostly) humanities. Weeding out irrelevant articles -- industry news, star-based articles, minor news bits, etc. -- became more difficult the closer I veered toward popular publications. Which is all to say, I may have missed a little or a lot, so please send me any suggestions for addition. Online articles are even more problematic with the surfeit of Buffy sites out there; separating the wheat from the chaff is more luck (and help from others) than anything else.


[The bibliography with limited annotations (and updated as necessary) can be found at]

The Bibliography:

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