Slayage Conference

on the Whedonverses


Gordon College, Barnesville, GA

May 25th-28th, 2006



Rhonda V. Wilcox, Gordon College

 David Lavery, Middle Tennessee State University




Abbreviation Code: RB: Russell Building | IC: Instructional Complex | SCA: Student Center Auditorium | SC: Student Center


SC2 at a Glance


Thursday, May 25, 2006

q      8:00: Opening Reception (IC Lobby); Greeting: Dean Robert Vaughan


Friday, May 26. 2006

q     Breakfast 815-900 (SC)

q      900-1030—Opening Session; Greeting: Dr. Lawrence Weill; Keynote 1: Michael Adams


1—Featured Speaker: Lynne Edwards (RB1)

2—The Whedonverse in Theory (RB2)

3—American Studies (IC1)

4—Buffy and Books I (IC2)

q     1215-145: Lunch


5—Gender I (RB1)

6—Firefly and Serenity I (RB2)

7—Buffy and Books II (IC1)



9—Featured Speaker: Lorna Jowett

10—Gender II

11—Genre and Intertextuality

12—Buffy Summers

13—Coordinates of the Buffyverse


14—Willow (RB1)

15—The Patriarchy (RB2)

16—Pedagogy (IC1)

17—Locating the Hero (IC2)

18—Into the West: Western Inspirations and Conventions in Joss Whedon's Firefly

q      700—Conference Banquet; Keynote 2: Nancy Holder


Saturday, May 27, 2006

q     Breakfast 815-900 (SC)

q      900-1030: Opening Session; Keynote 3, Roz Kaveney


19—Featured Speaker: Rhonda V. Wilcox (RB1)

20—Memory and Identity (RB2)

21—Firefly and Serenity II (IC1)

22—Season Seven of BtVS (IC2)

23—Morality / Ethics (IC3)

q     1215-145: Lunch


24—Fanfic (and Poetry too) (RB1)

25—Philosophy I (RB2)

26—Family and Community (IC1)

27—Heroes and Heroism (IC2)

28—Firefly and Serenity III (IC3)


29—Living on the Hellmouth (RB1)

30—The Whedonverses (RB2)

31—Philosophy II (IC1)

32—“Once More with Feeling" (IC2)

33—The Politics of Firefly and Serenity (IC3)


34—Television / Media Studies (RB1)

35—Vampires, Werewolves, and Monsters (RB2)

36—Wesley (IC1)

37—Serenity Roundtable (IC2)


Sunday, May 28, 2006

q     Breakfast 815-900 (SC)

q      900-1030: Opening Session: Keynote 4: Stacey Abbott


38—Featured Speaker: David Lavery (RB1)

39—The Whedonverses Across the Curriculum I (RB2)

40—Xander, Anya, Faith (IC1)

41—That Is the Question: Moral Perspectives in BtVS (IC2)

q     1215-145: Lunch

42—“I’m a Slayer: Ask Me Howâ€